Greenrock: Bring Your Own Bag and Bottle Campaign

  • Greenrock: BYOB Campaign: Forgotten Poster
    Proverb designed a "Bring Your Own Bag and Bottle" campaign to promote sustainable living in Bermuda. High impact, low budget products extended the campaign beyond traditional media and transformed consumers into ambassadors of the charity's mission. The promotion conveyed the environmental implications of waste and overuse, and gave consumers and retailers a chance to take positive steps.

Myers + Chang

  • Myers + Chang: Signage
    Informed by temples and noodles, the logo for this pan-Asian diner fuses disparate influences to form a funky Chinese diner, a novel concept. The Myers + Chang ads appeal to a young and price sensitive demographic, conveying the restaurant's irreverent attitude and aesthetic. The signage implements inexpensive materials in inventive ways, using cut vinyl in an unexpected and impactful fashion.

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